Happy New Year

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  1. Jeanne says:

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  2. best online casino with no deposit bonus malaysia https://www.safe-online-casino.net/ safe online casino best casino online payouts slot "…so the specifics of how our weather will change are probably not very clear yet."Though I'm sure climate scientists will do their best, I wouldn't put too much faith in any "specifics" about how the weather will be effected.Let's not forget that what we have seen in the arctic this year is a lesson in failed predictions.We do live in interesting times and part of what makes them so interesting is that we really have no idea what might happen next – we should all be expecting the unexpected.

  3. http://www./ says:

    Heh, I’m not sure why the cyberpolice are wearing helmets like that!This reminds me of a book I have called Future Cities that was published in 1979 and makes bold predictions about the future such as that in the future will have flat screen televisions (this came true) and robot servants that bring us drinks while we’re watching television (that hasn’t come true, yet, dammit).

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  5. http://www./ says:

    Jeg tør nesten ikke Ã¥ si det – men har bodd over 15 Ã¥r i Bergen og enda ikke vært pÃ¥ Ulrikken! (Rødme!).. De første Ã¥rene her jogget jeg opp til Fløyen flere ganger i uken da – det veier kanskje litt opp?..Og løvstakken… der har jeg ikke vært heller.. Flink du! Og viktig Ã¥ sette seg mÃ¥l!

  6. Leonardo. Para vc falar isso, vc tem que acompanhar mais o blog e ver o que torcedores do Mengo me dizem. Que onde o Mengo vai , lota o estádio. Só isso. Que é maior torcida do Brasil eu não tenho dúvida. Mas se vai esperar o Maracanã para poder lotar, tem alguma coisa errada aí.

  7. Agreed Lisa – that’s a great idea to put the concept into smaller time frames! It could even be a matter of hours until perspective can change. Thanks for your comment!

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